Florida neighbors upset by Prince Mongo's redecorating job

By Jason Miles - bio | email

VOLUSIA CO., FL (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South community protested when Prince Mongo decorated his home with mannequin heads and toilets, now folks living in a million dollar Florida neighborhood are outraged over Mongo's redecorating.

People in Volusia County in Florida are getting to know Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges.

"I am really, really angered by it at this point," said one neighbor.

Last year, Mongo starting outlandishly painting his house, including witch illustrations directed at a neighbor.  In late January, a mountain of sand was delivered.  Now, Mongo is using underwear as decoration.

Neighbors said the display grows weekly.

"When you consider this is your home, you would want something more stable," said a neighbor, "and this would seem to be a very unsafe situation."

Memphians know that this is not Mongo's first redecorating job.  They have watched his antics for years, including talks of being from a planet called Zambodia, being 333 years old, and the colorful campaigns for mayor.

Neighbors said they were aware that Mongo had enough money to fight code violations.  They believe he will go to jail if he has to and will let the battle drag on for months.

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