New details of possible gang rape near East High School

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The house in which a 17-year-old East High School student said she was gang raped Tuesday morning sits empty at 278 Red Oaks Drive in Binghamton.

What appeared to be a freshly smoked pack of Newports sits on the disgusting floor just inside a back door where she claimed a heinous crime took place.

"It's a horrible incident," said Memphis Police spokesperson Karen Rudolph..

"It was during the school day," said Rudolph.

Rudolph said the girl actually left campus with one of the suspects only to find four others waiting when they arrived at the house a few blocks away.  The girl waited to call police when she returned to school.

"She wanted police there and to file a report to let us know what happened," said Rudolph.

The girl reported she knew four of her five attackers from school.

"At this time, we do have three in custody," said Rudolph.  "Two are 18 and one is 16," she added.

In custody is the last place one schoolmate believes they should be.

"Because they wouldn't do nothing like that," said the student.

She and others told Action News 5 the girl who is claiming rape was a willing participant who made up the story to cover her tracks after willingly cutting class.

"She knew she was going to get in trouble for leaving school," says the student, who does not want to be identified.

Police are still investigating what the girl said happened inside the vacant house.  They have yet to charge the three teens who are currently in custody.

The school district said the suspects face expulsion.  There is no word on how students were able to come and go from campus so easily during the school day.

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