Tigers Ready to Begin Play in C-USA Tournament

Memphis Tigers Fans hope the Biggest Difference about this Year's Conference USA Tournament is, that it's NOT held here in Memphis.

U of M players hope that's the ONLY difference.

it's not hard to look at the C-USA Tournament and see the differences.. The one thing that remains the same though, is the Tigers swagger. And although the Tournament may be in Tulsa, they belive the road to a C-USA title still goes through Memphis.

Tigers Guard Doneal Mack says:

"We're the team to fear in this tournament. We've been playing good. Everybody's been together..and we look real good right now."

U of M Guard Elliot Williams adds:

"We've got a lot of confidence going into the game like you said.. We're Memphis so they've got to go through us."

Unlike in years past, the Tigers have the added pressure of making a strong showing in the Conference Tournament to secure their place in the NCAA Bracket.

Tigers Guard Elliot Williams says...

"We have to win the Tournament... That's how we feel. We can't take any chances, um, we hear the Bracketology that all we have to win is 2 games, and things like that. We've got to win it all in order to get in. That's how we feel so we're preparing to win 3 games."

Chiming in is Head Coach Josh Pastner.

"Every other team has the same goal..and that's what we want to do...BUT,,i go back, as you guys know, we can't think about Saturday or Friday, 'cause right now Thursday is the most important game of the season."

The quarterfinal game is set with Memphis taking on Houston Thursday at Noon.

In other News: The Sporting News names the Tigers Pastner as its' Conference USA Coach of the Year.

Elliot Williams in on the Sporting News First Team All C-USA squad.

Wesley Witherspoon is on the second team.