Officer kills suspect while serving warrant

A crowd quickly gathered at the scene of the shooting.
A crowd quickly gathered at the scene of the shooting.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis police controlled a chaotic scene around a North Memphis house Thursday after a Bartlett narcotics officer shot and killed an man while serving a warrant.

Malcom Shaw, 43, was killed after he allegedly pointed a gun at the officer serving the warrant.  As word of the shooting quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, a large crowd gathered around Shaw's home.

Shaw's daughter was restrained by her family as she ran toward the house.  His son then tried to get in the house.

Meanwhile, neighbors were shocked by the events.

"My heart fell to the ground," one neighbor said.

"We can't believe it," said another.  "Malcolm out of all people."

Family members expressed confusion about the shooting, saying Shaw was not a person they would have expected to threaten officers.

"They say he had a gun," said Timothy Miers, Shaw's brother.  "My brother doesn't have no gun."

Friends of Shaw said the same thing.

"I ain't never seen him with no gun," said Arvette Thomas, a friend of Shaw.

Shaw's brother said the Bartlett police officer went inside the house and the door closed and locked.  He said other Bartlett officers heard a shot and broke in.

Neighbors said Shaw, a handyman, never bothered anyone.

"I think it's wrong to just kill him like they did," said a neighbor, "because he wouldn't hurt a fly."

Bartlett police have placed the officer that shot Shaw on administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

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