Three charged in gang rape near East High School

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Brian Bland (Source:
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DeMarious Moore (Source:

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Three Memphis teens have been charged with raping a 17-year-old East High School student earlier this week.

Thursday police charged DeMarious Moore, 18, Brian Bland, 18, and Martavious Humphries, 16, with the rape, which happened in an empty house on Red Oaks Drive in Binghampton.

According to the arrest warrant, the 17-year-old victim voluntarily left East High's campus with the three teens.  The warrant says she had consensual sex with Moore, during which he slapped her in the face.  The girl then asked him to stop, according to the warrant, but he refused.

Police say that's when Brian Bland and Martavious Humphreys came into the room and forced themselves on her.

"It's a horrible incident," Memphis Police Department spokesperson Karen Rudolph said.  "It was during the school day."

The girl waited to call police when she returned to school.

"She wanted police there and to file a report to let us know what happened," said Rudolph.

The school district said the suspects face expulsion.  There is no word on how students were able to come and go from campus so easily during the school day.

School board member Kenneth Whalum said Memphis City Schools, as a whole, must figure out a way to keep track of students and keep them on campus.

"It's not the children that have changed," he said. "It's the adults that have changed. And as a school board, we have got to get a grip on this man."

Memphis City Schools released the following statement:

"Memphis City Schools' policies and procedures strictly prohibit all students, regardless of their age or grade, from leaving campus during the school day without proper authorization.  While unauthorized departures from campus are strictly prohibited, MCS recognizes that there are instances where students are required to leave campus for legitimate purposes, such as attendance at off-campus classes or other school-related events. MCS has directed all of its school-based staff to closely monitor all aspects of student attendance and if a determination is made that a student has left, or has attempted to leave campus without authorization, MCS personnel immediately takes appropriate action.  The action includes, but is not limited to, contacting the student's parents and/or referring the matter to a truancy officer.  The District's policies in this regard are consistent with best practices in schools throughout the nation."

-- Memphis City Schools

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