Olive Branch teen hospitalized after stabbing

By Chip Washington - bio | email

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC-TV) - Police in Olive Branch are investigating a stabbing involving two 17-year olds after a confrontation over something posted on MySpace.

Major Tim Presley of the Olive Branch Police Department said the altercation occurred when one of the teens went to the other's home on Oak Leaf Drive.

"At some point there was some blows exchanged and some injuries going on," Presley said. "At some point, the 17-year old that lives at the residence had a knife."

A knife, Presley said, the teen used to stab the victim at least twice.

Investigators said the victim was taken to the MED with wounds to his abdominal and head area, where he was listed Wednesday in stable condition.

Presley said violent acts like this are happening way too often.

"We're seeing too many cases of retaliation and all," he said. "Its not just on Olive Branch. I think its all over the country."

Presley said assault charges could be filed depending on the conclusion of the investigation.

"There's a lot of factors to consider in this case, and we'll be working with the District Attorney's office on proceeding. The investigation is ongoing, and there very well could be some charges," he said.

In the state of Mississippi, juveniles who commit alleged felonies can be charged as an adult.

Police say the victim had three other teens with him, but they were not involved in the fight.

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