Oakland employee feels threatened after getting mysterious note

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - Oakland Parks and Recreation director Jacque Lawler was upset after recently finding what she said was a threatening note on her city-owned car.

Lawler, who believes it all has to do with this month's hotly contested mayoral election, says she's tired of being threatened.

"Not just a letter but threatening phone calls," she said. "People have been approached in the parking lot...employees run off the road."

The note reads, "support your boss and lose your job".

Lawler doesn't know who left the note, but feels like the threats will stop after this month's mayoral election.

"The closer we get to election time the more real the treats get and the more they occur," she said.

After finding the note, Lawler went to the Oakland Kroger to continue campaigning for incumbent mayor Bill Mullins.  That's when she said she was yelled out from across the parking lot.

"He immediately started screaming at the top of his lungs and very belligerent. 'Hey you, get over here, I need to talk to you'," she described the man as saying to her.

The man who allegedly did the yelling was Reggie Howard.

But Howard claims he wasn't yelling at all.  In fact, he claims he didn't even know who was passing out campaign materials.

"You can't pass out information and you can't campaign on private property without permission," he said.

Oakland police are aware of both incidents, but most say this is politics as usual for a town known for its political drama.

"The public needs to know that these are the people that may or may not be holding office, and they need to vote accordingly," Lawler said.

"In all the campaigns I've been involved in this is the worst, the dirtiest and its all coming from one side," Howard countered.

Early voting in the Oakland mayoral race continues through March 25th.

Election Day is March 30th.

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