Student recounts gang attack near Memphis high school

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - More than 20 suspected gang members attacked teenage students near Craigmont High School earlier this week.

A Craigmont student, 16, who asked to remain anonymous shared his horrifying story of his walk home after school Thursday afternoon.

"We were walking home, me and a bunch of other kids, and came to the store," the student said.

The student then heard his friends yelling.

"They coming, they coming," the student said.  "And everybody like 'who?'  They were the Fam."

The student said the suspects began attacking students at random.

"Next thing you know, they start coming up the hill," the student said.  "They just started jumping folks and beating them."

Witnesses said 20 to 30 males armed with bats and bricks approached victims and beat them up.  They were screaming phrases related to the Fam gang.

"My big brother came to help me out after I got jumped," the student said.  "I turned to leave and they knocked one of my friends out.  They started stomping him.  He was having seizures."

The student said he then slipped in a yard and fell.

"That's when the jumped me and hit me in the face with a brick," the student said.

His brother had his tooth knocked out and another one chipped.

"It was frightening," the student said.  "Words can't describe how it felt when I got hit in the face with a brick."

The student's mother, who also asked to remain anonymous, said she was horrified when she got the call at work.

"Somebody needs to be held responsible," she said.  "Somebody needs to be held accountable."

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