Neighborhoods compete to save energy

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Two Memphis neighborhoods are battling it out to see who can use the least amount of energy this year.

It's been more than two months and the competition is still in full swing.

"We have definitely been paying attention to how much appliances we use," contestant and Copper Young District resident Kristan Huntly says.

Modeled after NBC's popular reality show "The Biggest Loser", residents who are a part of the Cooper Young Development Corporation and Evergreen Historic Neighborhood Association are participating in a similar matchup called "The Smallest User."
MLG&W will add up all the power bills from the two communities for 12 months in 2010. The winner is the community that makes the most reduction in utility usage from 2008.

Chris Stanley of MLGW said Evergreen is currently in the lead.

"Combined January and February, their bills are down $42," Stanley said. "Cooper Young, they were making some steps but their bills are up $1 dollar. Just slightly, but it is up."

Kristan Huntley said she's been doing everything she can to conserve energy including recently repairing a leak inside her basement.
"It's cut the bill water wise in about half," she said. "It definitely made a substantial difference."

Huntley said as the competition heats up, she's confident her neighborhood will come out on top.

"I'm thinking we'll catch up. I really do.  We're a go-getter kinda bunch.  We're pretty tenacious," she laughed.

The winning neighborhood will receive a trophy and small cash prize plus a year's worth of savings on their MLGW bills.

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