Crossing guard arrested on sex charges is out of jail

By Jason Miles - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - A Southaven school crossing guard arrested on sex charges is out of jail and may soon be out of a job. William "Willie" LeFlore, 58, is charged with molesting a boy in his own neighborhood over the course of a number of years.

The news of LeFlore's arrest came at the beginning of Spring Break for DeSoto County school kids. It's a time when the crosswalk near Hope Sullivan Elementary is quiet. That's he same intersection where LeFlore most recently reported to work.

"I would expect them to be held to a higher standard," said parent Kim Harper.

Many parents who trusted LeFlore with protecting their children on their way to and from school are just learning the details of his arrest.

"It tells you you should be talking to your children and having those conversations as soon as they can talk," said Harper.

LeFlore's accuser spoke exclusively with Action News 5 Monday night following the crossing guard's arrest at his home on sexual battery and related drug charges.

"Long awaited," said the alleged victim whose identity we agreed to conceal.

He's now an young adult and claims LeFlore molested him over a number of years beginning when he was just 11. He said LeFlore provided him with prescription drugs as he got older.

"A multitude of pills he always had on him," said the alleged victim.

His story touched a nerve with a number of parents who E-mailed Action News 5.

"Without people like you in the world, more children would have to suffer," one parent wrote of the accuser.

"Those children are so precious, it almost brings tears to my eyes," wrote another.

LeFlore came up with 10% of his $400,000 bond and his back at home. He told us over the phone that the charges against him are "a load of crap."

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