Nashville DA says Levy may have taken drugs from morgue

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

NASHVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - Tennessee Medical Examiner Bruce Levy was at a Mississippi hotel Tuesday preparing to testify in a court case when drug agents arrested him on felony drug charges.  Now, Nashville District Attorney Torry Johnson wants to know if Levy stole the drugs from dead bodies at the morgue.

"We do have some evidence that we need to track down and account for," Johnson said.

Kristen Helm with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said the Johnson came to them after drug dogs sniffed out a courier package of marijuana on its way to Levy and agents found bags of marijuana in Levy's hotel room in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

"They were concerned about where some of the marijuana found in Dr. Levy's hotel room," Helm said, "where it came from."

Helm said victims of suspicious deaths come into the morgue with all kinds of things on them.

"They would have maybe car keys in their pocket," Helm said.  "They might have a wallet or ID or drivers' license, a bag of marijuana, some drugs, a weapon, a pocket knife.  Anything like that."

Any personal items found on a body are to be logged in as evidence and placed in a vault at the morgue.  The TBI has been asked to investigate whether all the evidence in cases involving Levy is accounted for.  If it's revealed that Levy was getting drugs from dead bodies he will likely face additional charges.

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