Neighbor helped woman injured in suspected gang shooting

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - An 18-year-old Texas woman in Memphis visiting her family is in the hospital after being shot in a drive-by that has stumped police so far.

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, lived in the same area as the shooting.

"It was very scary," she said.  "My first time ever seeing someone get shot right in front of me."

Around 7 p.m. Thursday, gunshots lit up Raleigh Village.  A green 90's model Ford Explorer pulled into the parking lot.  The backseat passenger rolled down the window, began shouting and then pulled a handgun and opened fire into a crowd of about 14 people.

Two other people in the vehicle also fired shots.

Seconds later, a stranger showed up on the woman's doorstep bleeding from three gunshot wounds.

"When the girl came, I looked out the door and saw her bending down," she said.  "I got her and brought her in the house and laid her on the couch."

Neighbors said the person shot was an innocent bystander.

Police said they are investigating the shooting and whether it is tied to the recent reports of the so-called "Fam" gang.

Gary Lee lives across the street and said he sees the sings of gang activity all the time.

"Different kind of clothes, different kind of set," Lee said.  "All that, different kind of hairdo."

The woman who helped said she has not been outside since the shooting.

"Staying in the house where I belong," she said.

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