Two meth labs busted a little over a mile from each other

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Members of the Memphis Meth Task Force found meth-making materials inside a Bowen Circle house and trash from a previous batch outside.

Tammy Webb said people in the neighborhood watch out for each other, but she was not familiar with the newest neighbors on the block.

"They hadn't lived there but about six months," Webb said.

Police arrested a woman living at the house and tied her dog to a tree while they collected evidence.

"Some of our meth investigators received a tip that meth was being cooked at 870 Bowen Circle," Lt. Mike Shearin with the Memphis Police Department said.

A little over a mile from the house on Bowen Circle, hazmat crews were suiting up to go into another meth lab where the cooking process was still in progress.

In airtight suits and oxygen tanks, they dragged meth and the materials to make it onto a large plastic tarp in the front yard.

The woman who lived at the house said she discovered her son making meth and called 911.

Police have one person in custody.  They currently do not believe the two meth labs are connected.

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