Memphis drivers respond to new super speeders law

By Nick Kenney - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tennessee lawmakers are considering fining $200 for speeders driving 15 miles per hour above the speed limit.

Memphians have differing opinion on drivers in their city.

"They have no consideration for others," said Thomas Williams.

"Drive too slow," said Keland Allen.  "I think they ought to raise the speed limit."

"Atlanta to me doesn't compare to Memphis," said Robert Boving.  "It's terrible."

Lawmakers are considering a new super speeders law.  Fifteen miles over the speed limit would equal a $200 fine statewide.

The extra money would help fund the state's trauma centers.

Some drivers were not happy to hear about these new fines.

"I say it's ridiculous," Allen said.  "I say the fine's already too high.

"Police are always pulling people over, so I guess evidently people don't care," said Williams.  "I don't know what they need to do, but they need to do something."

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