Recent crimes linked to up-and-coming "Fam" gang

By Janice Broach - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The "Fam" gang has popped up in several stories about violence in the Raleigh area in the past couple of weeks.

Last week, two Craigmont High School students recounted a horrifying attack by a gang of 30 teens armed with bats and bricks who ran toward them yelling "Fam" repeatedly.

One of the students knew something bad was about to happen when he heard his friends yelling.

"They're coming," the student said, "and everyone was like who?  They were the 'Fam'."

He said the gang started beating up him and his friends.  He said he did not know any of them.

"It's one of the smaller gangs, but it's up and coming," the student said.

The Memphis Police Organized Crime Unit said the "Fam" gang is an emerging gang that started about five years ago in the area where Dixie Homes used to be.  It has since migrated out of the Frayser area.

One gang expert, an undercover Organized Crime Unit officer, said the gang is made up of teens in part who are too young to get into other gangs like the Gangster Disciples.

"These guys will wear red, white and blue," the gang expert said.

They also wear shirts with the word "Fam" on them.

"The true guys will it upside down, the 'A' will be upside down," he said.

The upside down "A" is meant as disrespect to the Vice Lords gang.  

The gang expert said fighting and beating people up is one of the trademarks of a gang.

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