Action News 5's Dave Brown takes part in drunk driving PSA

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Action News 5's Dave Brown was on hand Friday night for the making of a public service announcement to end drunk driving.

The car crash on the set may have looked real, but everyone involved was an actor.  They all joined in the fight against what has become an all too familiar scene.

"We make calls all the time that involves alcohol, drinking and driving," City of Bartlett Fire Chief Terry Wiggins said.

Production crews and volunteers spent Friday afternoon setting up for the filming of a compelling series of public service announcements aimed at keeping drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

"We're shooting a wreck tonight involving a drinking and driving person, said producer Bryan Cottingham.  "That's going to intercut with a nightclub scene, a comedy scene, people laughing at jokes about drunk driving."

The public service announcement will feature Dave Brown, who has experienced first hand the heartache by people who drink and drive.  On May 30, 1997, Dave Brown lost his daughter, granddaughter and unborn grandson when they were struck by a drunk driver.

"It was absolutely without question the worst thing that ever happened in my life," Dave Brown said.  "My son-in-law Greg, we talked a lot after that happened.  We decided we could sit in the corner and cry or go out and do something about it."

By nightfall Friday, the set was transformed into a sea of flashing lights as police and fire personnel, onlookers and actors took part of the reenactment with an important message.

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