The future of Calipari at the U of M

Tiger talk tonight about the future of Memphis men's basketball coach John Calipari. Will he stay -- or will he go? Rumor has it there's an offer on the table from Pittsburgh.

"With pride and pleasure... the new head basketball coach of the Tigers Mr. John Calipari." That was three years ago last month when Calipari told Memphis he was tired of moving his family. Today - the applause has turned into a buzz. Will he stay or will he go?

Pittsburgh Live,, The Commercial Appeal and The New York Times -- Rumors about Coach Cal's consideration of a now officially vacant head coach position in Pittsburgh are everywhere. R.C. Johnson, U of M Athletic Director said, "I think that he has an obligation to his family and everybody else if somebody contacts him to talk to people... but our plan is to keep him here and do whatever it takes." Johnson says the school WILL compete with dollars if necessary... but that there is no blank check.

The coach has two years to go on his contract. He tells reporters no contact has been made with Pitt to date. But Dave Woloshin - "Voice of the Tigers" - spoke to Calipari Thursday before he left for New Orleans and says keeping Coach Cal may be an issue, even if Pittsburgh doesn't pan out. Dave Woloshin, Sports Commentator said, "The sense I got, he will listen to other offers. If it were North Carolina or Kentucky, yeah, I think he would bolt. But for Pittsburgh, even though there's family reasons that he might want to go back. I don't think he's really interested in that job."

Again, no comment from Coach Cal tonight. He's at a Coach's Convention in New Orleans.