Memphis couple charged with armed robbery spree

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - University of Memphis Music professor Tonya Butler got a Criminology lesson Friday night when she witnessed the armed robbery of a neighbor in the parking lot of the Central Park West condos near campus.

"And then that's when I saw a man coming away from the car with a gun pointing it toward the car and then running away," Butler said.

23-year-old Zachary Young and his 25 year-old girlfriend Chastity Rook were behind bars by the end of the weekend.

"They are a couple," said MPD Lt. Preston Morton.

Police say the condo robbery was just one of their crimes.

"Later on we discovered that they were involved in additional cases," says Morton.  "Six robberies and two thefts of motor vehicles."

At least three of those robberies occurred over the weekend in busy bar parking lots.  They included both the Brookhaven Pub and Windjammer Restaurant & Bar on Brookhaven Circle.  Neil's Bar & Grill at Madison and McLean in Midtown was the third location.  

According to court records, suspect Zachary Young even pointed his gun at a security guard outside the Brookhaven Pub.

"They just caught whoever was out at the time," said Lt. Morton.

The man robbed in his car outside the condo suspects he was followed home from The Belmont Grill on Poplar.  That ties yet another popular spot to the couple's crime spree.

"That could have happened anywhere and to anybody," said witness Tonya Butler.

Police say Zachary Young was positively identified by six of the victims.  They say he admitted to each crime and said his girlfriend was the getaway driver.

Young and Rook are being held on respective bonds of $100,000 and $50,000.

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