73 pot plants found growing in Memphis back yard

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - There are flowers and assorted potted plants outside 698 Frank Circle in South Memphis.  But it was the sizeable amount of Marijuana police found growing in the back yard that sent the 65 year-old homeowner to jail.

"It's a mess," said neighbor Maebell Milligan.  "A pure mess," she added.

Bobby Mosby was arrested on drug charges Tuesday by undercover cops acting on a tip that something funny was growing on the other side of his fence.  Milligan watched as the drugs were removed.

"Somebody must have called in and told them something," said Milligan.  "He put a fence up and had dogs out there," she added.  "But I didn't even know that much," said Milligan.

Police gave Action News 5 photos of some of the pot they recovered.  It appears to be growing in a make-shift greenhouse.  They found 73 marijuana plants and nearly 1,000 grams of harvested pot.

Mosby is also accused of tapping a circuit breaker box into an underground utility line in order to power grow lights and an irrigation system.

"Out of 40-something years," said Milligan.  "This was the first time I'd seen that many police over here," she added.

Police said Mosby actually drove by his house in a van shortly after they arrived.  He was stopped down the street in an apparent attempt to get away.

"I wouldn't have thought he'd be involved in no drugs or nothing," said Milligan.

That was the same thing we heard from a number of neighbors who said you never know what is going on behind closed doors or in someone's backyard.

Police said they found a number of weapons and ammunition inside Mosby's house.  MLGW estimated that more than $500 in services were stolen.

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