"Big bellied rapist" causing problems behind bars

Jesse Dotson
Jesse Dotson

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - "Big bellied rapist" Bruce Tuck will likely die behind bars.  He pleaded guilty to three rapes in Martin, Tennessee and now faces similar charges in Shelby County.  Officials said he has been anything but a model inmate behind bars.

"Some people have they attitudes and everything," said former inmate Lakaris McFadgon. 

McFadgon bonded out of 201 Poplar Friday afternoon.

"Just a misdemeanor citation," said McFadgon.

He said he was sure to check any attitude at the door.

"I try to be on my best behavior so I won't put myself in a worse situation," said McFadgon.

Perhaps Tuck, a former reserve police officer,  feels he has nothing to lose.

The sheriff's office confirmed Tuck recently got into it with inmate Jessie Dotson.  Dotson is awaiting trial for the "Lester Street Massacre," in which six of his family members were slaughtered.  The verbal altercation took place inside what is known as the "day room."  The high-profile inmates were separated and locked in their individual cells.

Dotson claimed Tuck threw a cup of water toward his cell after complaining he could not see the TV.

The altercation between Dotson and Tuck did not end with any charges.  But something else did.  According to  paperwork filed Thursday, Tuck assaulted a female deputy jailer the day after his encounter with Dotson.

"Inmate Bruce Tuck ... threw a cup full of urine on her, it landed on her pants and shirt," stated the Affidavit of Complaint.

That attack added another charge to the "big bellied rapist's" already expansive rap sheet.    

Tuck is now housed in a segregated area of the jail.

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