Memphis Zoo polar bear heading to Denver Zoo

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Cranbeary, one of the Memphis Zoo's famous polar bears, is heading West.

She will return to the Denver Zoo next Thursday.

Cranbeary has been a Memphis Zoo resident since the opening of the Northwest Passage exhibit in early 2006.

"She's a 9-year-old polar bear, which is really a prime breeding age," Matt Thompson, Curator of Mammals with the Memphis Zoo said.  "She's going to the Denver Zoo.  They actually have ownership of her and they're in a situation where they're soon going to be down to one polar bear and they want to bring her there so she can hopefully have babies one day."

Even though Cranbeary is leaving, there will still be polar bears at the Memphis Zoo.  Payton and Haley will still be on exhibit for Zoo visitors to enjoy.

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