McDonald's employees intervene in parking lot purse snatching

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Deloris English of Oklahoma City has only praise for employees of the McDonald's on North Thomas in Frayser.

"They're to be commended," said English.  "And I really appreciate it," she added.

She said the service was exceptional late Tuesday night when a manager directed employees to chase down two suspects who ran from the parking lot.  English said one of them had just snatched her purse while she sat in her car.

"He knew where the purse was and was going for it," she recalled.

English said the suspect pinned her into her seat and reached over her body to grab the purse off the center console.

"I said I've been robbed," recalled English.  "They grabbed my purse!" she added.

English's brother, who was driving a separate vehicle, convinced one of the crooks to drop the purse before both started running down an adjacent street. 

However, one them was no match for the pursuing employees and their manager.

"There was probably 10 or 12 of them that ran out and caught one of the guys," said English.  "Got him on the ground and escorted him into the McDonald's and kept him there until police got there," she added.

Witnesses said 36 year-old suspect Marino Frazier was actually forced into the restaurant's freezer.  English later picked him out of a line up.

"It's the first time I've been victimized like this," said English.

She works as a civilian employee for the police department in Oklahoma City and stopped at the McDonald's on Thomas while on the way to a family member's home in Millington.  She hopes the manager and others keep up the good work.

"Don't know who they are or their names," said English.  "But want to thank them," she added.

There is no information from Memphis Police on whether the second suspect was caught.

The McDonald's franchisee commended the actions of his employees.  However, corporate officials would not allow them to talk.

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