Mom wants answers after five-year-old son is found walking down busy highway

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South mother wants answers after her five-year-old son was found walking down Highway 51 in Covington.

Mosha Heaston blames her son's school for dropping him off at a daycare that was closed.

"He was crying," Heaston said. "They said he was walking and crying...down the highway."

Heaston said her son started out walking to his grandmother's house.  That's when his cousin drove by and spotted the little boy.

"I'm concerned about my children, my grandchildren, and everybody's child...I'm just a concerned person," family friend Rhonda Adams added.

Last Friday, Heaston's school bus dropped him off at daycare after school.  The only problem: the daycare was closed for the day.

"Should have been somebody there," Adams said. "When you drop a child off you wait to see if someone's gonna pick him up."

"The school was notified the daycare was closed, and I called them and let them know they was supposed to put him on bus 87 and bring him home," Heaston added.

But Tipton County School Operations Director Rickey Fayne says Heaston never contacted the school about the change.  According to Fayne, it is board policy to write a note and have it signed by the principal if you want your child taken to a different location.

"The last place we took her child was to daycare," Fayne said. "We did not receive communication from the mom. We have no letter on file - no note - that says, 'Take her child somewhere else.'"

The five-year-old's family is counting their blessings.

"I'm thankful to God that he's still alive, he made it, he was found," grandmother Annette Williams said.

Family members hope something like this never happens to them or anyone else again.

Tipton County school officials say the school pick-up and drop-off policies are very clear in the student handbook.  School policy says a written note signed by the principal is required in order to change a child's drop-off location.

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