Grizzlies May Sit Gasol for Season

The Injury Bug has basically stayed away from the Memphis Grizzlies..

But, just like Allergies in the Spring Time..the bug is taking a bite out of the Mid-Souths' NBA Team.

Grizzlies starting Center Marc Gasol re-aggravated the same injury that caused him to miss 6 straight games in the last 2 weeks...a partially torn neck muscle.

Gasol struggled mightily trying to handle the ball and rebound Wednesday night against the Dallas Mavericks..

He personally had an Un-Gasol like 3-straight turnovers in the second quarter...and could not lift his right arm over his head going to the boards..

He did NOT play in the second half.

The Grizzlies list Marc as Out Indefinitely...

With only 8-games left, Grizzlies Media Relations Director Dustin Krugel says there's a possibility Gasol could be shut down for the rest of season.