Son dead after shooting father, then himself

By Jason Miles - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis police kept a crowd at bay Monday by taping off the entire stretch of Ruby Cove.  Family members trickled into the neighborhood, knowing only that shots had been fired and that relatives were involved.

"A father/son type of situation," said one of them.

They later learned the son apparently shot his father before shooting himself in the head.  It happened during some sort of altercation inside the house where both lived with their wife and mother.

"You know, she's got a son and a husband at the same time," said cousin and neighbor Marion Ingram.

He identified the victims as Jimmy Baker, Sr. and Jimmy, Jr.  Ingram said the two had recently been involved in an ongoing dispute.

"Little did in know that something like this would have to happen," said Ingram.

Police only confirmed that both victims were taken to The MED in critical condition.  Action News 5 learned from the hospital the younger Baker later died.

"You're here one day, you're gone tomorrow," said one neighbor.

Family members arrived at the house after police left.  You could still see finger-print dust on the front door.  Cousin Marion Ingram said it proves no family is immune to violence.

"Look like the hotter it get the more crime being committed," said Ingram.  "And when family members commit crime against their own, it's getting real bad."

Police have still not released details of their investigation.

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