Raleigh meth lab connected to case in Cordova

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A meth lab discovered in Raleigh Wednesday is connected to another meth case last week in Cordova.

Brandon Bentley was one of three suspects arrested in a meth bust at a home in Cordova last Tuesday.  When Meth Task Force investigators went to search the home Bentley owns in Raleigh there was more cleaning up to do.

Nadaya Woods, a neighbor, said it was a busy afternoon on Martindale Avenue.

"When I got home, I noticed the street was blocked off," said Woods.

The Meth Task Force was cleaning up and clearing out five meth labs in the home owned by Bentley.

Marion Kelly, a neighbor, said the house posed a threat to the entire neighborhood.

"It's obvious they don't care about themselves and nobody else," Kelly said.  "There are children over here, and that particular house sits right between two families."

Kelly also recalled a similar scene about a year ago.

"Police say when Bentley was arrested in Cordova he was out on bond for another meth bust last year in this very same house in Raleigh," Kelly said.

Neighbors were shocked to find out the two crimes were connected, but relieved knowing the homeowner was already behind bars.

Police were also called to Bentley's home last night.  They said an elderly man on oxygen died inside the home.  They have yet to determine whether the death was related to the meth lab inside the house.

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