Shelby Commissioners pass votes on sexually oriented businesses, alarms

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Monday, Shelby County Commissioners passed two unanimous votes that impact virtually every person who crosses the county's boundaries.

One revolved around distance requirements on sexually oriented businesses.

"Anything we can do to promote a better family environment in community, I'm in favor of," Commissioner Wyatt Bunker said.
Schools and churches already had distance requirements, but now, parks and family recreation centers have been added to the ordinance.  "SOBs," as they're called, must now stand at least 1,500 feet from any park or family recreation center.
"Those were good moves, in my view, and the view of most of the commissioners," Bunker said. "I just think it's great that we were all together on that."
Also passed unanimously was an ordinance imposing stiffer penalties for false home alarms.
"It's been costing the city - also the county, but mostly the city - a lot of money responding to false alarms," Commissioner Steve Mulroy said.
Before Tuesday's vote, people were fined just $25 starting their seventh false home alarm.

"This steps up the schedule of penalties people have to pay if they have multiple instances of false alarms," Mulroy said.
Now, the $25 fine begins at the fifth false alarm.  For the sixth false alarm, you pay the $25 fine, plus $90 in civil damages.  For the seventh false alarm, you pay the fine and civil damages, and  your alarm license is revoked.  Responders then have the right to use their own discretion about responding, though they will usually act on the side of caution.

Both of the ordinances go into effect immediately.

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