Two Memphis Post Offices to be open late on Tax Day

If you're one of the millions of taxpayers who owes Uncle Sam a few dollars and some change on your 2009 tax return, chances are you will be visiting a Post Office in the coming days.

The U.S. Postal Service will have workers on hand until midnight on April 15 to collect tax returns in front of the Main Post Office in Memphis, located at 555 S. Third Street.

The mobile retail unit will provide stamp sales until midnight at the S. Third location.

In addition, the Airport Mail Center will be open until 10 p.m., offering full retail service. Mailers may deposit tax returns in the mail until midnight in the at the Airport location until midnight.

With the deadline for filing tax returns rapidly approaching, the Postal Service encourages the public to mail their returns prior to April 15 to avoid the last-minute rush to the Post Office. Customers are cautioned to check the posted pick-up schedule where the mail is deposited to ensure their tax documents will be collected and postmarked by the April 15 deadline. Mail deposited after the last posted collection time will not be postmarked until the following day.

Here are some other tax tips:

  • On April 15, mail early in the day at any Post Office, station, branch or collection box.
  • Apply sufficient postage. (Postage is 44-cents for the first ounce letter size which is usually about four folded sheets; add 17 cents postage for each additional ounce. Larger sized envelopes require additional postage) Tax agencies will not pay postage due and short-paid returns will be returned to sender.
  • Always use a complete mailing and return address.
  • Before depositing your return into the mail, be sure the last pick-up time is AFTER the time you deposit your mail so your return will be collected that day. Customers who need retail window service are advised to get to the Post Office before closing time. Most Post Offices are open regular hours on April 15.
  • If you use a non-IRS labeled envelope, make sure you print the proper IRS address.
  • Customers who wish certification that their tax mail form is received by IRS, should mail it using Certified Mail Service/Return Receipt - available at your local Post Office.

Customers with tax questions can contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040; or go to