Preventing a killer

One of the deadliest forms of cancer facing women is ovarian cancer.  It will eventually affect one out of every 55 women.  It is extremely difficult to detect and many women are not diagnosed in time to successfully treat it.  A pap smear, one of the most common preventative tests taken by women, will not catch ovarian cancer.
If it can be detected early, the survival rate is almost 90%.  But by the time it is detected in most women, that rate drops to 15%.
If there is a history of breast, ovarian, endometrial, prostate, or colon cancer in a family, a woman can be at higher risk.  There are other risk factors as well.
Your risk for ovarian cancer is lower if you:
- Use oral contraceptives for five years; this can cut your risk by as much as 60%.
- Have one or more children.
- Breastfeed

Woman at high-risk due to family history may want to consider other options as well.  The West Clinic stands ready to help you understand how you can fight ovarian cancer.  You may click here to send us an email or call us at (901) 683-0055 or (800) 225-9971.