High-tech tools help fight cancer

Using the right tools is critical to fighting cancer, and it's also critical to be able to use them quickly and conveniently.  The West Clinic has made an unprecedented commitment to putting the latest technology to use for its patients.
The staff in the clinic's radiology department is highly-trained and certified to use scanning equipment to pinpoint cancer so that it can be attacked accurately.
Among the equipment available at The West Clinic, all under one roof:
- Two CT scanners, which use a special X-ray tube to produce images.
- Ultrasound machine, which uses sound waves.
- MRI, which uses a magnetic field.
- Interventional / Vascular Procedure, which uses X-rays
- PET scanner, which detects chemical activity inside the body to detect even small tumors

If you have questions about our detection equipment, you may click here to send us an email or call us at (901) 683-0055 or (800) 225-9971.