The United States generates 4.6 BILLION POUNDS* of post-consumer carpet waste per year!....and much of this waste is going into America's landfills. At Carpet Spectrum, we want to do our part to help with the "Greening" of America and as a result, we have developed an extensive carpet pad recycling program. The home building industry coined the phrase "green building" in the late 1980s/early 1990s, turning a movement into a quiet revolution. Since then, the National Association of Home Builders has helped to develop codes and programs. In Memphis, Memphis Light Gas and Water has created the "ECOBUILD" program.... Using recycled Carpet Pad can help meet the requirements of "Green Building" programs across the nation.

Collecting and sorting carpet pad (sometimes called "Cushion") is the first step and is commonly done because of the relative ease of managing the process.

Next....the waste pad (collected by Carpet Spectrum as we remove old pad during carpet replacement projects and scrap cuttings) is baled for ease of loading and transportation back to manufacturers.