Southaven resident warns others after neighbor shoots his dog

The sign refers to an incident that happened Saturday.
The sign refers to an incident that happened Saturday.

By Chip Washington - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - A feud between residents of a Southaven community has gone public, after a homeowner recently posted a sign in his yard that reads, "Dog Killer next door. Please protect your pet."

Resident Bruce Davie, who also lives in the neighborhood, but is not involved in the dispute, said the sign refers to an incident involving a pit bull that happened Saturday.

"The pit bull charged my neighbor, and he went into the house to get his pistol," Davie said. "When he came back out, the pit bull charged him again, and he had no choice but to drop the dog."
The dog owner's neighbor, Davie said, shot the dog, killing it.

According to Davie, neighbors often complain about animals belonging to the dog's owner getting loose.  In fact, he said, the dog's owner has been cited for this by the Southaven Animal Control in the past.  

After the shooting, the dog's owner put up a sign, apparently warning other pet owners in the neighborhood about what happened.  But Davie finds the sign offensive.

"It's very tacky and its very redneck," he said. "The guy shouldn't of had a pit bull that was trained to kill."

While there were numerous complaints, the dogs have not attacked anyone. According to Davie, the neighbor who shot the dog feels badly, but also feels like he had to protect his family.
"Now, to put a sign up there making it look like this was a bad person, when he needs to look in the mirror and point it at himself," he said of the dog's owner.

Neither of the neighbors involved in the dispute were available for comment Tuesday.  Meanwhile, a Southaven Police Department spokesperson said the city has leash laws and anyone has a right to protect themselves if they feel threatened.

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