Southaven resident claims neighbor shot his dog unjustly

The sign Faulk posted in his yard. Southaven police later made him take it down.
The sign Faulk posted in his yard. Southaven police later made him take it down.

By Chip Washington - bio | email

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - Southaven residents are battling over a sign a dog owner put in his yard, accusing his neighbor of being a dog killer.

Kenny Faulk says his dog Smokie, a pet of 10 years, was like a son to him.  Now, he is wondering why his dog is no longer here.

Saturday, Faulk's, neighbor Kirk Stiebel, shot the dog to death.  Stiebel says he shot the dog because he felt threatened by it, but Faulk says it should have never happened.

"If you are threatened and you get inside your house to safety, I believe the law says call them, don't take matters into your own hands," he said.

According to Stiebel, his children were playing outside when Smokie got out of the house.  Fearing for his children's safety, Stiebel came outside with his gun.

According to Stiebel, when the dog approached, he shot the dog twice.

Faulk says it didn't happen that way.

"He stood all the way across his driveway to shoot him," Faulk said. "That dog was not near him."

Faulk knows the law, and admits that he was cited by Southaven Animal Control authorities once.  Officials gave him a written warning after the dog had gotten out.

But Faulk maintains this was an act of violence against his beloved dog.

"Our city is full of violence with guns," he said. "If you feel threatened by a dog, imagine what he would do to a human being."

Faulk took down his 'dog killer' after he was ordered to by the Southaven Police Department.  He plans to file a civil lawsuit against Stiebel.

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