Prom Promise urges students to stay safe on prom night

By Chip Washington - bio | email

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC-TV) - The end of another school year is an exciting time for most young people.  With prom on the calendar, safety officials urged Horn Lake students to think wise and take the Prom Promise Thursday.

The dramatic scene was only a demonstration of what could happen when teens drive drunk after a night of celebrating.  The Prom Promise brought to life the tragic consequences that can occur.

"Nine times out of ten, the drunk driver is the one that's up and moving," said Lt. Joshua Wright with the Horn Lake Fire Department, "and it's another innocent person that's lost their life or the freedom of life.  So we try to show that to them."

With help from Horn Lake police, fire and emergency medical crews, students acting as victims were removed from the severely damaged vehicles.

Some of the mock victims survived and treated while others pretended to die.

April Perry, who lost her uncle to a drunk driver, was one of the student actors.  She said the visuals speak much louder than words.

"Adults and all these people can talk about it, but until you actually see it, it doesn't really hit," Perry said.

Cara Smith, a parent and theatre teacher at Horn Lake High School, said prom night was all about making the right choices.

"It's important for them to understand it's a choice they can make," Smith said, "to be educated and prepared to make that choice before they go into that event."

Wright offered students another reminder.

"Don't let this fun time be the last time," Wright said.

This was the sixth year of the Prom Promise demonstration at Horn Lake High School.  Wright said for the past five years, there have been no major injuries or loss of life during prom events.

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