Action News 5's John Bryant returns home after being stranded due to volcano

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - For Action News 5's John Bryant, being stranded in Europe for a week with hundreds of thousands of passengers due to Iceland's volcano was not easy.

"It got kind of nasty at the airport," Bryant said.  "There was screaming, as you can imagine.  It was complete chaos."

Bryant left Memphis and was on his way to London on vacation, but never made it.  When he landed in Holland to catch his connecting flight, he learned the bad news.

"The volcano actually exploded while we were flying in the sky," Bryant said.

The heavy winds sent a huge plume of volcanic ash over the areas, forcing the airport to close and causing more than 100,000 flight cancellations.

"People were sleeping at the airport, they were taking showers at the airport," Bryant said.  "The thing that was most bothersome was some people just ran out of money."

Bryant said he was able to stay with friends in Holland until he could get another flight.

"You don't know when you might be able to fly again or when you'll get your luggage," Bryant said.  "I checked my luggage when I left and still haven't seen it."

Bryant arrived back in Memphis Wednesday night.

"I'm just glad to be home," Bryant said.  "A lot of people had it worse than I did."

Bryant was also stranded during 9-11.  He said when it came to travel headaches, this trip was a lot worse.

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