1 of 4 suspects still wanted in Newbern, TN gang rape

By Jason Miles - bio | email

NEWBERN, TN (WMC-TV) - It is the kind of crime people in Newbern, Tennessee are not used to seeing.

"Nobody deserves to go through that," said Investigator Rodney Wright with Newbern Police.

He said a 26-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by four men over the weekend.  It happened in a yard near a nightclub.  Police said she was kicked, stomped, and beaten as well.

"She's actually been back to the hospital two more times and has bruises on her brain they believe," said Wright.

So far, three suspects have been charged with multiple crimes.  But a fourth suspect, 20-year-old Justin Wesley, remains on the run.

"From what we can tell," said Wright.  "Probably all four participated in assaulting her," he added.

Police believe the suspects demanded money from the victim's family while holding her hostage for up to seven hours after the rape.

"And she felt like she was not free to go," said Wright.

"This is wrong," said Brandon Douglas. 

He is a friend of all four suspects.

"I be around these people everyday," said Douglas.  "And they wouldn't do nothing like that," he added. 

LaToya Robinson is suspect Justin Wesley's sister.

"I don't think my brother would do anything like that at all," said Robinson.

She and others would like to see Wesley turn himself in.

"The media's making him seem like a threat to them," said cousin Clarissa Douglas.  "But really he's just an average kid like anybody else," she added.

Wesley and at least one other suspect have criminal histories.  Call Newbern Police at 731-627-2571 with any information.

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