Storm traps residents in Memphis neighborhood

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The storms in Memphis Saturday trapped a group of senior citizens inside their homes after a massive tree took down power lines.

The sound of generators resonated among the houses along Jewell Road.  Storms whipped through the neighborhood fast, but the impact was the opposite.

"The wind began to twist," said Duanna Miller, who lives in the neighborhood.  "The trees bent down.  They were almost touching the ground."

More than 24 hours after the storm, power lines dangled across front yards, tangled in a fallen tree.

"Don't have any power," said Clark Scott, a neighbor.  "It's all old people on this street.  They can't get in and out of their driveways."

Elderly residents feared electrocution from the hanging wires.

"They're all lying in water in the ditches," said Scott.  "People are afraid to walk down the street."

At the height of the storm, a huge tree split in half, bringing power and cable lines down with it.  The tree fell across the street and then pulled down lines on the other side, leaving wires hanging in yards.

"I have a big tractor back there," said James Kail, a neighbor.  "I was going to get the log out of the road so when Light, Gas and Water, when they did get in here, they could get the lines up a lot quicker."

Neighbors wanted to save the city time and money.

Meanwhile, people checked in on their parents living on the street.

"She didn't have her device to sleep under," said Wanda Patton, whose mother lives on Jewell Road.  "Couldn't breathe, so she didn't sleep all night."

A tree contractor showed up Sunday afternoon.  The residents learned the downed lines were not live.

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