Brawl outside bar has victims claiming police brutality

By Justin Hanson - bio | email

MUNFORD, TN (WMC-TV) - Three brothers are set to face a judge on assault charges after a brawl outside a Mid-South bar has their family claiming police brutality.

Restaurant owner Russell Johnson was still recovering Monday from the black eye to his face and his business after the fight outside a week ago.

"I saw Toby Tate strike another guy, actually hit me twice before I could get to him," said Johnson.

Johnson said the fight started on the patio of the Munford restaurant and bar he owns with his son.

Three brothers, Toby, Aaron, and Logan Tate were arrested and charged with assault on police.

"I got between them, told him to calm down, knock this off ... we don't do things like that here," said Johnson.

The Tate brothers' family and friends said the brothers do not go looking for trouble.

In a statement about his son Logan, father Austin Tate said "police slammed his face repeatedly into the police car and doubled up his police fist and hit my child in the side of his head repeatedly."

The police report said tasers were used to control the crowd.

It also states that Aaron Tate charged a Munford police officer, striking him in the head.

"Aaron struck him in the head several time, ended up tasing Aaron," said Munford Police Chief Jim Harger.  "Toby Tate assaulted him, hit him in the head several times."

Harger said this is not a case of police brutality and that his officers did what they had to do.

The Tate brothers are set to face a judge at the end of May.

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