DeSoto inmate scales 14-foot wall with razor wire to escape

Authorities spent hours overnight searching for the woman.
Authorities spent hours overnight searching for the woman.

HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - A DeSoto County inmate who escaped from jail Monday night was taken back into custody early Tuesday morning.

DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco said the woman, Sequinna Rana Hicks, had been arrested earlier in the day on a domestic violence charge in Southaven.  During her escape, Hicks scaled a 14-foot wall and went over razor wire to get out of the jail.

Cut and bleeding as a result of the escape, Hicks eventually found her way to Emily Ballard's house, where she lied about who she was, and what she was doing.

"She said her car had broken down right here in front of the house, and wanted to come in and use the telephone," Ballard said.

Ballard and her husband told Hicks they couldn't let her inside, but instead they agreed to call one of Hicks' friends to come help her.  

"There were just a couple of things she said and the way she was acting that put up some red flags and caused us to be a little more cautious," Ballard said.

Emily Ballard's home was one of three houses Hicks went to after she broke out of jail.  At the first house, she was still wearing her pink jail jumpsuit.  Another home near the intersection of Scott & Oak Grove is where Hicks apparently asked a neighbor for clothes in her underwear.  Finally, Hicks arrived at Ballard's home, where authorities captured her after Ballard called authorities.  

Hicks was found hiding in a nearby ditch.

"I'm glad they were able to catch her," Ballard said. "Glad to know she is safely behind bars again."

Meanwhile, Rasco was not sure why Hicks tried to escape.

"Why in the world she would risk escaping on a misdemeanor charge is beyond me," he said. "That's one of the things about people who get arrested: they don't have a lot of common sense."

In addition to the domestic violence charge she already faces, Hicks will face additional charges after her escape.

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