Special Report: Cracker Barrel check scam

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Watch out if you get a check from Cracker Barrel. It may sound like you've won big, but one woman says she quickly figured out it was a scam, after doing a little digging.

At first, Lou Boyles-Bruster thought it was her lucky day.

"When I opened it, you could imagine my excitement when I saw that I had won a lottery a sweepstakes, an annual sweepstakes from Cracker Barrel," she said.

It was a $4,500 check from one of her favorite restaurants.

"I'm always entering lottery sweepstakes and things like this, so yes I thought this was legitimate," Boyles-Bruster said.

A letter, which is paired with the check, instructs the recipient to deposit the check and then wire transfer the majority of the money to Western Union. Once you do that, then you should receive another check in the mail for $450,000.  

"ING Direct is a financial institute that's legitimate. Cracker Barrel is a financial institute that's legitimate. Their bank is legitimate. I contacted them, and until you get to the last four digits of this router number, this check is authentic," said Boyles-Bruster said.

On their website, Cracker Barrel informs customers that this is a scam, and urges them not to cash or deposit any check or transfer any money to any party.  

"The criminals are getting us to do their dirty work and taking Cracker Barrel's good name and defacing it, that is really what disturbed me about this whole scam," Boyles-Bruster said.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there are hundreds of check scams out there that use different company's names. They urge you to never wire money, to use common sense, and report these scams.

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