Car lands in Raleigh family's living room during police pursuit

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Shelby County Sheriff's deputy's attempt to stop a driver for a traffic offense Tuesday started a chain of events that included the suspect ramming a police cruiser and heavily damaging a house.

"I was not angry," said homeowner Sokpheak Doeung.  "Furious. Speechless, really."

Action News 5 was on the scene shortly after the crash Tuesday morning.  The suspect's maroon Chevy Malibu with DeSoto County plates had yet to be pulled out.

"It was brick all over the floor when he ran into the house," said Doeung.

We surveyed the damage with Doeung, who was alerted to the crash while at work by a motion detecting alarm.  It's located over the spot where her daughter usually sits.

"My daughter, who is seven, she's always in the living room watching TV," said Doeung.  "She probably would have been the one hurt."

The man behind the wheel of the Malibu was wanted for ramming a Shelby County deputy's cruiser during a traffic stop.  He lost control and jumped the curb during a five minute pursuit.  The suspect was last seen running into nearby woods moments after the crash.

"He disappeared into those woods," said Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Shular.  "Deputies spent a good part of the morning and afternoon combing the area on foot. We had a perimeter set with squad cars in the area."

Deputies believe the suspect may have been injured by the impact of the crash.  However, it did not hamper his escape, which the homeowner hopes is short-lived.

"He did a lot of damage," said Doeung.  "I mean, not just material, but emotionally."

Call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH with any information about the suspect.

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