Woman loses money trying to sell timeshare

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A woman is out hundreds of dollars after she says she hired a company to help her sell her unused timeshare. Now, that company is nowhere to be found.

The woman says she was skeptical at first because she had no idea how the company got her name and number or even knew that she even had a timeshare, but her need to save some cash cost her that and then some.

Linda Witherspoon claims one phone call cost her nearly $500. Now she's left wondering what happened to the company she was looking to do business with.

"They called me and they told me that they were interested in selling my time share, and at first I was skeptical because I told them that I have had a bad experience before and I really didn't want to get into this and I couldn't afford to lose any more money," said Linda.

The call came from a company named Premium Timeshares. To Linda's understanding, they would list her time share for sale, something she hadn't used since the recent death of her husband. Although skeptical at first, she was eventually convinced to sign up by the person on the other end.

"He assured me that they were a Christian based organization and that they were in the business to help people so I kind of believed it," she said.

After she claims she paid $485 up front, Linda waited by the phone for the next step in selling her timeshare through the company. She even received paperwork in the mail, but her phone calls got her nowhere.

"He told me that I should hear from him in a couple of days," said Linda. "A week went by and I didn't hear anything and I called and he said well we're just waiting on the letter from the bank and blah, blah, blah. The next week I called back again and he gave me another excuse."

Eventually Linda couldn't get a hold of the company at all anymore. She hasn't spoken to or heard from them since late last year. Now she's hoping someone else don't lose more money than she did.

"I would tell them to really reconsider, to really reconsider. Check them out," Linda said.

We tried to contact Premium Timeshares as well but we didn't get a hold of anyone and couldn't leave a message. We contacted another business in the same building and they told us Premium Timeshares had vacated its office space months ago.

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