Strong winds cause damage in Oakland, TN

By Lori Brown - bio | email

OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - Strong wind gusts causes damage in Oakland, Tennessee Saturday.

Jerry Cockrell of Oakland said he will never underestimate severe weather again.

"I take this lightly sometimes, when the weather comes through and I say they're on TV too much," Cockrell said.  "But actually I was probably 10 feet from that tree that went through the back of the house."

The storm tore off part of Cockrell's roof.  He said this storm taught him that when severe weather hits, you may not know it is time to take cover until it is too late.

"I looked up and my patio furniture was going straight up into the air," Cockrell said.  "The tree crashed before I could get underneath the stairwell."

Action News 5 meteorologists said strong thunderstorm wind gusts are what caused all of the damage.

"You could see things literally being whirled around," Cockrell said.

Tyler Barden was in his car during the storm.

"The closer I got to my house, you could see the shingles and stuff flying," Barden said.

Elidye Smith, who lives on Pine Meadows, said she was going to miss the pine trees that used to provide shade in the summer.

"We bought this lot because it had trees on it," Smith said.

Oakland residents were thankful that the trees and houses took the beating and not lives.

"God spared me today," Cockrell said.

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