Thousands evacuated in Millington after levee breached

By WMC Staff

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Thousands of people, including patients and prisoners, were evacuated due to flooding from two levee breaches on the south side of Millington.

At a mobile home park in the Shady Oaks community of Millington, 200 residents were evacuated because feet of water were pouring into their homes.

High water caused problems all over Millington.  The Commodore Apartments along Highway 51 filled with water.  Police said they started evacuated the complex around 10 a.m. Saturday.

Residents who were evacuated sought shelter at the Baker Community Center, which was set up as an emergency shelter after police put out a warning in several neighborhoods.

About 2,000 residents at the Naval support activity in Millington were evacuated after the levee breached.  Eight additional boats were brought in to help rescue residents in danger.

As night fell on Millington, flood waters continued to rise along Bill Knight Road, where levee breaches along Big Creek forced people to abandon their cars for boats.

Teresa Mason and her brother Michael Thompson came back for their mother's two dogs.  Her home was flooded on her 80th birthday.

"My mom's 80th birthday party," said Mason.  "We were gone and she started thinking about her dogs and we came back and asked if they'd go get them and they did."

Helpless homeowners choked back tears as they watched the water overtake their homes.

Brent Perkins with the Shelby County Fire Department had been through a similar experience.

"Having been through the '93 floods in the St. Louis area, I can tell you this is very, very similar," Perkins said.

Despite the historic proportions of this flood, no serious injuries have been reported.

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