Police talk about the sting operation

Director's Row sounds like a street on a Hollywood movie lot, but in Memphis its a haven for hookers. And Saturday morning, you could still see the skid marks left behind by the one that got away. 

Memphis Police Officers were working undercover here Friday evening and arrested a suspected prostitute. But 41 year old Terri Nelson wasn't ready to go downtown.  Police say before they could transfer her from an unmarked vehicle to an arrest van, she managed to get behind the wheel and hit the gas. 
"The officer was holding onto the car and she was doing donuts in the parking lot and she was trying to throw him off."  In the process police say Nelson struck another unmarked car injuring a second officer. Both received minor injuries and were taken to the Med. But it didn't end there. 
This female fled from the scene in the organized crime truck, she went into Mississippi"  Where Mississippi authorities picked up the chase.  
"They picked up this individual and were able to apprehend her in the neighborhood of 78 and Bethel Road" 
Nelson would likely have been charged with prostitution only, but after her attempted escape she's also facing 3 counts of aggravated assault, theft of property over a thousand dollars and evading arrest.