YOUR TURN: A 'thank you' for coverage of Dr. Benjamin Hooks

This week's "Your Turn" segment goes to Anne Terrell-Harper. Terrell-Harper wrote to praise Action News 5 for the station's coverage of the death of Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks.

In her words:

Thank you for the in-depth coverage of our hero, Dr. Benjamin Hooks.  His activism during the last half century on behalf of all Memphians has given us reason to be very proud.  He was my personal mentor and made it possible for me and students from the University of Memphis to create a story quilt for President Nelson Mandela and present it to him at the Memphis Airport when he was honored by the National Civil Rights Museum.  Dr. Hooks brought the Memphis community into the 21st Century with his diplomatic approach to all problems - big and small.  Thank you for recognizing a true hero and a true man of God.

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