Tipton County roads closed and washed out after heavy flooding

This weekend's heavy rainfall also causing major problems with travel in Tipton County.

Many roads there are closed or even washed out!

Early Sunday morning, Covington and Tipton county public works crews were out closing more county roads as a result of this weekend's heavy rainfall.

"It's been a while since I seen this much water...I can't remember when," says Danny Brown with Covington Public Works.

"I live over there off Holly Grove near Turkey Scratch and water came over the road all day down there," adds resident Troy Childress.

Video shot by our news partner The Leader shows heavy flooding along Simonton Street in north Covington.

One picture shows water up to the tops of buildings along Quinton Drive in Atoka.

All this rain has washed out roads and bridges all over the county.

Tipton County public works officials tell me twenty-three roads are closed because they are washed out.

They're continuing to asses the damage.

They even have state bridge inspectors coming in to asses the safety of all bridges.

Schools in the county are even out Monday because so many roads are damaged, impassible, or closed.

"It's so widespread, it's a problem for us...we're estimating the damage to just the public infrastructure at over five and a half million dollars," adds Tipton County Mayor Jeff Huffman.

"They're washed away, shoulders and everything, so bad around Covington now, hectic as far as traveling...gotta be extra cautious," Brown continues.

And until these closed roads re-open once again, travelers need to be extra careful!

Tipton County Director of Schools Dr. Tim Fite will be live in the WMC-TV 5 studio during the 6 AM hour Monday morning.

He'll be talking about the latest on the road conditions and we'll school will re-open.