Benton County family suffers through dual tragedies

By Jamel Major - bio | email

BENTON COUNTY, MS (WMC-TV) - A Benton County family feel lucky to be alive, after two tragedies within days destroyed their home and nearly killed their pet.

Tammy Byrd has been a nervous wreck moments since her went up in flames, just days after high winds lifted it off its foundation.  She was worried sick about her Chihuahua who she thought was still trapped inside.   

But moments after our interview began, Rosie was found hiding underneath Byrd's home.

"She survived," Byrd said. "This is Rosie. I'm happy. I thought she burned up."

Thankfully, Byrd and her family weren't at home when the blaze broke out. Byrd salvaged what she could, including her wedding ring.

"It's so crazy," she said. "I'm just glad my kids are okay.  Nobody got hurt, and all my pictures are safe."

Fire investigators are still trying to determine what prompted the blaze.  Byrd says despite her loss, she still considers herself lucky.

"I'm very grateful, because it could have took our life," she said.

Byrd and her family are considering staying with relatives who live close-by.

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