Hundreds of Millington Navy families remain displaced

MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - After floodwaters were chest-high over the weekend at the Millington naval base, hundreds of families were forced to leave. Though the waters have since receded, 250 Millington Naval Base families remained displaced Monday.

"Once the rains stopped, the water was able to recede pretty quickly," spokesperson David Crenshaw said Monday.

But families were forced to flee with just the clothes on their backs when flood waters swallowed the base, leaving the area a ghost town.

Military families are still not allowed to return to some areas.

"All the vehicles that are here are abandoned," Crenshaw said.

Overturned garbage pails are strewn about, along with some cars whose trunks were left wide open.  It's uncertain their owners were trying to drive off and go on foot, or if the cars floated there.

"I'm sure when the flood waters began coming through, they had more important things to worry about," Crenshaw said.

Military security has been dispersed throughout the base to maintain order.

"They came through door-to-door to make sure all the houses were evacuated," Crenshaw said.

Authorities set up a receiving station on higher ground at the base's gymnasium.

"This was the starting point for all the families that were evacuated," Crenshaw said.

The military is placing most families into temporary housing.

"This is the housing partner," Crenshaw said. "They're handling housing for all the claims."

Originally, 300 families evacuated the base.  About 50 families returned to their homes in areas untouched by the floods.  The naval base can't say when the other 250 families will be allowed to go home.

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