Collierville residents worry about rising water levels

By Jamel Major - bio | email

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - Rising waters in Collierville left residents wondering Tuesday what they would have to do to protect their homes.

When flood waters began rising near Vincent Hong's Collierville home, it forced him and his neighbors to spring into action.

"My biggest fear is my house flooding," Hong said Tuesday. "Water getting into the house and causing damage within the house itself."
The Town of Collierville soon had to come to Hong's rescue, as crew placed sand bags all around his house.

"I sandbagged the doors to my house thinking it'll slow it down at least if it rises some more," he said.

But resident Eric Bouchoc said the water came fast.

"In two to three hours we had six to eight inches of standing water already in the backyard," he said.

The water came right up to the fence in Bouchoc's back yard.

"The rise of the water was making me nervous in the backyard," he said. "Here we have beautiful weather and sunshine and the water is climbing towards the house."

While many homes and businesses have been threatened by the rising waters of the Wolf River, town officials say thankfully the worst is over in Collierville.

"We haven't had any roads that have actually washed out here in Collierville," town spokesperson Mark Heuberger said. "We understand others in the county may have, but in our community we haven't had any, but we've had water come up to the back of neighborhoods and neighbors backyards."

Meanwhile, residents like Hong remained on alert.

"Hopefully it'll keep going down and everything will return to normal," he said. "That'll be great."

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